Contakids – workshop for children and parents

Contakids Workshop

29 April

Facilitated by: Monica Giacomin

14.00-15.00 2-5yrs and parents
15.00-16.00 6-9yrs and parents
£13 (email to sign up)


Contakids is a methodology based on the idea that using physical contact and play can help develop a deeper form of communication between parents and children: children can enhance their motor skills and self-confidence, while parents get to develop a bond of trust with their young. “ContaKids aims to foster confidence in our actions by reinstating the physical abilities that we were born with. This energetic assuredness flows directly, in an unmediated form, to our little partners in dance. As we tend to lack it as adults, the hard work is ours to bear right now.” Itay Yatuv.

ContaKids is a creative movement class for children aged 2-5 and 6-9 and their parents together. Using simple exercises and games, and experiencing moving together and the physical contact support a body-based form of communication which is fun and beneficial for all. ContaKids helps strengthen both parents and children, stimulates the development of healthy reflexes like balance and grip, encourages proprioception and self confidence, helps parents take care of their own bodies when playing games with their children. Provides a relaxed environment to build a deeper physical connection between the parent and child.

The class starts with a 10min warm up dedicated to the parents, then continues with a series of short games where parents and children work in team and sometimes as a whole group. Children learn mostly through visual cues by copying each other and the parents, as well as tactile cues when working in direct relation to the parents. Throughout the whole class the invitation is to allow the children to learn and engage at their own tempo, respecting their developmental needs, both physical and emotional.

About Monica: 
I am a London based movement educator, therapist and a movement artist. I am a fully qualified Pilates Instructor and Thai Masseuse, I also teach yoga and Contact Improvisation.I have spent collectively 20 years studying, researching, practicing and teaching. For more info about my work visit