FRIDAY 13 MAY, 2016
7:30pm | £5 – ticket link here

Featuring work by: Helen Cox, Jayne Port and Konstantina Skalionta

De/construct by Helen Cox is a new solo work identifying thresholds, and the spaces that sit between. Referencing the patterns of growth found in natural landscapes, performance designer Cherrie Lau and lighting designer Lucy Hansom come together to create a transformational experience.

People we didn’t quite meet by Jayne Port. Short by nature, pregnant elephant, the hat judge; all things witnessed during mundane journeying through the urban landscape. This scrapbook of harvested moments shines light on the everyday, revealing an alternative of intrigue and wit. Seeking the bizarre in the banal, these snippets set out to retell verbatim, but get a little bit silly along the way.

Be My Home by Konstantina Skalionta, takes you through the journey that is the lifelong search of a permanent home. Exploring the notion and meaning of home, the work contemplates whether the body can be seen as our only lifelong home. A poignant solo performance with props made by artist Laura Elias.

Image Credits: Nicole Tomaselli, Sidonie Roberts and Jonathon Vines | Design: Helen Cox


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