Dan Watson: Double Trouble (Fiver Friday)

Dan Watson: Double Trouble
Sweetest Things / Largely Unsung (preview)
@ Fiver Fridays

17 February, 7:30pm
£5, tix here

Well then, here’s an evening of Dan Watson doing things on his own and with Katherine Hollinson.

Dan likes to cobble together dance, text and interaction with flair, failure and flounce.

Sweetest Things is an expanded version of his solo, You Say The Sweetest Things, Baby, in which a fully-fledged relationship is attempted in real time. With sexy results*.

Largely Unsung is a preview of a new work where Dan and Katherine have a flirtation with longing. As backing singers. With sexy results*.

Revelling in the inevitable failure of connecting to another person. With dancing. Probably.

*This evening may not include sexy results.

About Dan Watson:

Dan tries to do art. He thinks dance has a place on that. Sometimes other people ask him to do stuff, like Gecko, Nigel Charnock, Wendy Houstoun and StopGAP amongst others. He’s made a few things himself as well. Even worked on a movie. Good times.


Image Credits: Brian Archer & Andy Ferreira