Dancing Inside Out

Dancing Inside Out
Facilitated Rebecca Faro

18 November
Prices: £65, early-bird £55 bring a friend- £50 each
To register please mail: dancinginsideout@gmail.com


In this workshop ‘Movement Maps’ we’ll be exploring and mapping out through our bodies where we are now, where we want to be going and what might be standing in our way, focusing and bringing into light the qualities that will help us on our journey.
I use an eclectic mix authentic dance, creative writing & ritual, play & embodiment in a supportive group environment to draw out your innate creativity. It’s a journey to recovering parts of ourselves that yearn to be expressed that might have been long repressed, when awakened lead us to a more enriched, fulfilling life.

About Rebecca

Rebecca is a dancer, poet, performer and a movement facilitator, with over 25 years experience facilitating groups. She has a subtle, supportive and compassionate way of leading, creating a safe environment for group members to explore their inner wisdom. She believes we all possess a well of abundant creative energy.