Drag Beasts (Fiver Friday)

DRAG BEASTS @ Fiver Fridays

18 Nov 2016, 7:30pm



Drag Beasts is part of James Morgan’s ongoing research into monstrosity, hybridity and drag. He presents his new work, ‘DRAG ON’, alongside Antonio de la Fe’s ‘Crocodile’, with Foxy and Husk and Eleanor Sikorski screening video works.

They all share a similar point of arrival: a drag act that moves beyond gender and across species.

Each artist adopts an animal alter-ego, creating new fantasies from the bones of their lived experiences. They seek a reality which transcends humanity and displaces humans from their centre-stage position.

We are left with the following provocation: as things stand today, aren’t we better off as animals than as humans?


About the Artists:

James Morgan is a choreographer and performer from Yorkshire, based in London. From a practice rooted in dance, he make solo performances for theatre and cabaret contexts. This year he was a part of Duckie Homosexualist Summer School, supported by The Royal Vauxhall Tavern. He has worked as a performer with choreographers such as Lola Maury, Eva Recacha, New Art Club, and Seke Chimutengwende.

Antonio de la Fe is a Spanish choreographer and performer based in London. He has danced for Matthias Sperling, Eva Recacha and Riccardo Buscarini. His works include finalist piece of The Place Prize 2011 Cameo and the Unrehearsed Series, a group of works developed around his 2015 BBC Performing Arts Fund Fellowship, with support from Independence Dance.

Eleanor Sikorski is a dance artist whose solo work spans performance, music and film. She is one half of dancer-led commissioning project Nora, with Flora Wellesley Wesley, and has worked as a dancer for choreographers including Eva Recacha, Seke Chimutengwende, Igor and Moreno and Gillie Kleiman.

Foxy and Husk is a playful performance artist who likes to sing, dance and hibernate. Half human, half animal, Foxy creates full length shows, interactive installations, short films and cabaret turns. Her work is rooted in social-research, she collects stories from members of the public, edits, overlaps and then re-presents them through her unique style of lip-sync.

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