Easy Does It / Partudienc- Sharing

Easy Does It/Partudienc
Sunday 3 September || 7pm

Performer: Hamish MacPherson

Pay what you can

Easy Does It’ is a solo set to three pieces of music. ‘Safari’ by Steps Ahead, features cheerful melodies that are accompanied by instruments constituting the group. The middle piece of music is scored by American composer Morton Feldman, titled ‘Christian Wolf in Cambridge’, it features an unaccompanied chorus, intoning with letter the ‘u’. The third piece is Joanni by Kate Bush, with lyrics describing a battle and instrumentation which subtly underscores Bush’s evocative vocal delivery.

The movement for the first piece of music follows a straight spatial pathway moving along in an improvised manner with a set of proscribed movements combined in real time. The second piece features movement which derives from a quieter more internal origin, reflecting the musics outward simplicity. In the third piece of music, the movement vocabulary is again simple in its component parts, though with varying degrees of bodily complexity. Informing the work is the writing of Armen Avanessian who writes on the notion of the post-contemporary, and how this manifests given the sense that according to him time is no longer flowing in a linear direction but instead, the future pre-determines the present.

‘Partudienc’ is an experimental work which is a spontaneous movement creator and places the audience as the do-ers, accompanied by the sonorities of Louis Andriessen’s 1976 work ‘De Staat’. The do-ers are invited to take a stance and engage with the music via a series of dance actions and card holding/voting reminiscent of mass rallies and political speeches. The actions are timed with parts of the musical score and indicated by those who are already familiar with the procedure. Some cues proscribe collective movement other cues proscribe enacting an activity akin to taking a vote, repeated a total of three times in the overall work.

Nicholas Quinn– trained at LABAN (2004-2007) and received a danceWEB scholarship in 2007 and participated in ex.e.r.ce ’08 directed by Xavier Le Roy. Nicholas danced for Liz King’s dance company.He was commissioned by EDge in 2010 and was a resident artist at What Now 2014.