Encounter Bow – day of FREE outdoor performances

Encounter Bow

A day of FREE outdoor performances and experiences for all ages

14th September 2019 | 1pm – Sunset
Outdoor, on the streets of Bow
Info Point – The Common Room, next to Ace Cars


A surprising, interactive, playful day of dance, art and discovery between Roman Road, Old Ford Road, and all the hidden spaces in between.

Drop by for a day of free performances, workshops and encounters encouraging you to experience the streets of Bow in new, creative ways. The free arts programme includes contemporary dance, break dance, parkour, live art, selfies, walks, audio tours, dares, and challenges for all ages.

With performances and participatory experiences from Esprit Concrete, GIRL GANG, Harold Offeh, Janine Harrington, Mickael ‘Marso’ Riviere with Mad Dope Krew, Rachel Gomme, Casson and Friends, and The Demolition Project.

See the schedule below, and see the full map here.
Running from 1pm ‘til sunset on Saturday 14th September, plan your route in advance, or grab a map on the day from our Info Point at The Common Room, next to Ace Cars on Roman Road.

Full Programme:

Location 1 – The Common Room, next to Roman Rd car park
– 1pm onwards – The Street: A User’s Guide by The Demolition Project. A guided walk, using your smart phone.
– 1pm onwards – The Human Clock by Janine Harrington. A performance. Come and watch at any point.
– 2 pm and 4.30pm – Selfie Choreography by Harold Offeh. A workshop using your smart phone. All ages.
– 3.30pm and 6pm – Undergrowth by Rachel Gomme. A guided walk.

Location 2 – In front of Wilmer House, Daling Way
– 1.30pm – T-Break Workshop by Mickael Marso Riviere and Mad Dope Krew. A street dance workshop. Kids age 8+.
– 3pm & 4.30pm – T-Break by Mickael Marso Riviere, Mad Dope Krew and Mendi Singh. Street dance and tabla music performance.

Location 3 – Gunmakers Lane Bridge
– 6.30pm – Sunset – Collapse by Dominique Baron-Bonarjee. A dance performance. Watch at any point.

Location 4 – Roman Road Market
– 1-3pm – The Dance We Made by Casson and Friends. An interactive dance performance. Join at any time.

Location 5 – St Stephen’s Green
– 3.45pm – Esprit Concrete. A parkour performance.
– 5pm – Discovering L’art Du Displacement. A parkour workshop. Kids age 7+. 1 hour duration.


The Street: A User’s Guide by The Demolition Project


Want to be part of it? We’re looking for women (trans inclusive) who are over 18 to take part in GIRL GANG a free, fun and adventurous workshop… get in touch to find out more! 

Co-curated by Alisa Oleva. Co-curated and produced by Chisenhale Dance Space. Project Producer: Eve Veglio-White

Based on Chisenhale Road in Bow for more than 35 years, CDS supports experimentation in dance and performance. Our programmes include classes for children and adults, plus boundary-pushing performances in our venue and beyond.

Initial concept developed through a CDS Member-as-Curator Bursary. Project funded by Action for Bow and supported by Arts Council England.