Equity for Dancers and Live Artists Workshop

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Arts Counselling: Equity Workshop | 27th Sep 11am – 1pm | Lead by Beth Doran

Arts Counselling: Equity for Dancers and Live Artists Workshop
Education Room, Chisenhale Studios**
Tues 27th Sep, 11am – 1pm
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Did you know Dancers, Choreographers and Live Artists can join Equity?

In the first Arts Counselling of the new term, Guest counsellor Beth Doran from the Live Performance Department at Equity gives a FREE workshop.

Beth will introduce Equity and the work they do in the industry. The workshop will cover what the benefits of membership are and how it can support Dancers and Choreographers as well as those working in Live Art.

Spaces are limited, please follow the link above to book your spot.

**The event will take place at Chisenhale Arts Place Studios’ Education Room. This space is fully accessbile.