Exit Map Enters (Fiver Fridays)

EXIT MAP ENTERS @ Fiver Fridays

4th November, 7.30pm
£5 Tickets

Featuring: Laura Doehler, Catherine Elsen, Tania Soubry & Anne-Gaëlle Thiriot

Exit Map Enters’ is four performance artists weaving a landscape of intersubjectivity, sculpting and composing movement and voice live. This double bill at the meeting point of improvisation and composition will present two ends of our current artistic continuum of interests between dance, voice, life, training and practice:

1: Polyticks

Through vocal and movement improvisation, individual impulses meet one another and create a stream of constructing, deconstructing and merging hybrid realities. A collectively built soundscore frames our explorations and negotiations of the borders between training, practice, dance, life, process and product – the polyticks of performance.

2: Ridiculous Copernicus

“Among the authorities it is generally agreed that the Earth is at rest in the middle of the universe, and they regard it as inconceivable and even ridiculous to hold the opposite opinion. However, if we consider it more closely the question will be seen to be still unsettled, and so decidedly not to be despised. For every apparent change in respect of position is due to motion of the object observed, or of the observer, or indeed to an unequal change of both.” –Nicolaus Copernicus

Exit Map was founded to create work with other dancers, and it incorporates improvisation and collaboration as a major tool of work for performance. As a platform Exit Map stimulates connectivity between makers, performers, audiences and environment, where everyone involved shares responsibility, integrity and authorship. Currently active as Exit Map are founder Laura Doehler, Tania Soubry, Anne-Gaëlle Thiriot and Catherine Elsen.


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