Facilitated OPENLAB with Niya B

‘Facilitated OPENLAB’ with Niya B
29 November 2019
“The Ear-Body: Navigating Through Soundscapes”

Research Studio | 10am-1pm | £7 suggested donation


In my performance work, I use soundscapes as environments where I explore movement and exercise presence through abstraction and transgression of the personal towards the collective, in order to deconstruct the hierarchies of performance space and weave a negotiated network of interconnectivity between performer-audience and audience with each other. I perceive soundscapes as flexible nets thrown onto physical spaces to alter the context within which a work is prepared, performed and perceived.

In this session, we will experience a variety of soundscapes and will take each other on a journey of: Listening with and through our whole body. Imagining scenarios. Counteracting time using sound repetition as a tool. Becoming responsive bodies. Exercising presence as a form of movement. Synchronising to vibrations. Positioning ourselves within emotional landscapes. Blending the internal with the external. Navigating through immersive environments. Departing from the prepared leading towards the improvised.


OPENLAB sessions are open to any performers: dancers, musicians, actors and anyone interested in presence and awareness in movement.

The facilitators of OPENLAB are also participants “in” the session and participants can propose their ideas for a future session. We are looking for proposals for facilitated sessions during the Spring and Summer Terms 2020. If you’d like to facilitate one of these sessions in the future come to one of our sessions to find out more or email Antonio de la Fe.

The OPENLAB sessions alternate between ‘White Canvas’ and ‘Facilitated OPENLAB’ sessions. You can see the full programme for the Autumn Term 2019 here.

The sessions function on a pay-what-you-can contribution basis to cover expenses and as an incentive for the facilitator of the session. We suggest a contribution of £7 for the 3-hour long sessions (‘Facilitated OPENLAB’ sessions) and of £5 for the 2-hour long ones (‘White Canvas’). Cash only.

About the Artist:

Niya B is a transfeminine artist interested in social change and shifting paradigms. Niya explores the body and its context as a form of expression and manifestation of culture, ideology, gender, sexuality, social ethics, systemic issues and collective aspirations.
Coming from a visual arts background, Niya is increasingly using live art as her main tool of showing work. In her performances, she utilises text, sound, movement, living media and presence.

Niya started using pre-recorded and live gong sounds as an element of the installation Trans:plant (2016). For the performance Collective Lover (2017), Niya worked with sound artist Body Fool to create a hypnotising drone soundscape, on which she added a voice-over narrative. A similar soundscape was used for Niya’s latest performance I Was Once a Snake Woman (2019). For the performance Umbilical (2019), Niya worked with sound artist and producer Lottie Lou Poulet to create a soundscape using breath and voice.