Facilitation Piece (for harmonious being)

Facilitation Piece (for harmonious being)
Monika Oechsler
20 October
Performance Studio | 7:30pm | FREE

part of Chisenhale Open Weekend

A new live performance conceived by artist Monika Oechsler in collaboration with artist and technologist Charles Gershom.

Facilitation Piece (for harmonious being) presents two simultaneous and durational live performances, Live Chat & Sound Stage. Both parts explore how our perception of time and place has changed through social media interaction. Using social media platforms and physical movement, performative actions will create an acoustic sound chamber that immerses the viewer in an experimental sonic landscape. The audience may enter at any time during the performance and freely walk around the space of performance.


Depi Gogogianni
Amber Hahn
Paola Napolitano
Luigi Ambrosio
Justyna Sochaij
Clementine Bedos

Production team:

Lucy Williams, Matthew Jarvis, Joseph Walsh.

With special thanks to:

Andrea Davidson, Chisenhale Art Place & Chisenhale Dance Space.