Feet of the Ground Intensive

Contact Improvisation & Partnering Intensive
3 – 5 June, 2017

Each session will consist of a Contact Improvisation & Partnering technique class, learning company repertoire, and structured movement research. The sessions will link to Feet off the Ground Dances’ work Éter.

Dates & Times:
Saturday 3nd June: 10-1pm | Sunday 4rd June: 2-5pm | Monday 5th June: 10-1pm

£28 for 3 days / £12 drop-in standard
£22 for 3 days / £8 drop-in concessions & CDS members


DAY 1 :

Experimenting and playing with rhythm, phrasing and weight exchange. Composing in the moment and finding ways to highlight and articulate detail.

DAY 2:

Listening and responding with sensitivity. Finding sustained and continuous qualities supported by the breath. Creating heightened senses of awareness by tuning into the self and other bodies in space.

DAY 3:

Exploring action and reaction. Finding extremes within the physicality, and taking risks. Disrupting and breaking flow.

To sign up please contact feetgrounddance@gmail.com

Feet off the Ground Dance is a collective that utilises Contact Improvisation and Partnering techniques as a common ground for training and performance devising. Spontaneous and engaging, Feet off the Ground Dance champion the female body, push physicality and work against the traditional roles of women within dance. Their principles are simple: explore the unfamiliar, take risks and think big with artistic integrity.