Bridget Lappin with The Yonis, Léa Tirabasso, and Svenja Buhl @ Fiver Fridays

Bridget Lappin with The Yonis, Léa Tirabasso, and Svenja Buhl

9 February 2018 | 7:30PM | £5 (ticket link below)

Bridget Lappin presents an evening of work celebrating the female body and those who experience it. Alongside of a work-in-progress sharing of her latest solo Who’s Afraid of a Pussy Cat?, Bridget has invited her collaborators to share their own feminist works, featuring work by The Yonis, Léa Tirabasso, and Svenja Buhl.

About the Work:

Who’s Afraid of a Pussy Cat? explores themes of beauty, power, and perception. The performer morphs between femininity and animality, the physical language and her performative identity stemming from investigation into her anatomy, her understanding/perception of her femininity and her innate bond with nature. The aim of the work is to exist in a liminal space, challenging the audience and the performer herself to consider how the patriarchal system views women.

SIMONES COURT is a dance video based on Léa Tirabasso’s 2013 work Simones. Simones are reckless, killers and victims, refuting the enslavement of women to their specie and the idea of biology as destiny. Mixing distance and humour, Simones denounces the absurdity of women’s condition and enslavement to the specie, as well as the absurdity of what the world awaits from them.  Simones is ironically portraying women as witches and depraved, such as contemporary mythology excels to do.


Bridget Lappin trained at London Contemporary Dance School, graduating with both a First-class BA (Hons) degree and a MA degree, specializing in choreography. She has worked with the Richard Alston Dance Company (UK), Bern Ballett (CH), Humanah Productions (UK/SE), Avant Garde Dance (UK), and Peut-Être Theatre, among others. and Sarah Dowling for the Royal Opera House (UK). She has presented her own choreographic work as a solo artist in several international platforms, including Resolution (UK), Kinetic Studio (CA) and Tanz Made in Bern (CH).

The Yonis are a contemporary movement girl band working with our bodies as instruments. We are a fluid collective of nine core members and a large network of Yoni collaborators near and far. The Yonis make noise and take up space; aiming to empower and celebrate female creativity.

Svenja Buehl is a dance and performance artist and one of this year’s graduate studio award holders at A.P.T gallery. Having graduated in Contemporary Dance from Trinity Laban Conservatoire in London in 2015, she widely collaborates with artists from different disciplines – sculptors, filmmakers, musicians – and sensitively creates site specific works for gallery spaces and instinctive surroundings.

During her studies she has been working with, amongst others, Lizzie Kew-Ross, Mathias Sperling and Martin Hargreaves. Most recent collaborators include filmmaker Myrto Farmaki and choreographer Maria Lothe.

Léa Tirabasso is a dancer and choreographer.  As a dancer, she worked with Johannes Wieland, Stephanie Thiersch, Chris Haring/Liquid Loft, Michael Langeneckert, José Vidal, Clod Ensemble, James Finnemore, Seke Chimuntengwende, Jean-­Guillaume Weis and Bernard Baumgarten. Her own choreographic work includes TOYS (commissioned by The Place London, and co-produced by TROIS C-L Luxembourg) and love me tender (which toured extensively in Germany, France, Spain, England and Luxembourg). She is currently working on her next piece The Ephemeral life of an Octopus. 

Photo credit: Danilo Moroni