Fiver Fridays: Katherine Hall

Katherine Hall: You Sit There

8th June 2018 | 7:30PM | £5 (link below)


Look at all this work to be done. Got to keep on top. Got to do it well. Got to be well. Everything gets mixed up in the glue holding us together… just keep afloat, sweep that floor, mop that shit, brush that off.  

A few nods. A few tender strokes.

You Sit There is a celebration of the ambiguities, joys and tensions that exist in the attempt to give and receive care in a society that continues to devalue emotional labour and ignore the ways that it is gendered. Through a weaving of movement, text and sound, Katherine invites you to consider how our communities might be different if we understood care as a physical offering that we are all playing a part in.

This will be the first time the full work is performed. After the performance there will be a chance to chat with Katherine in an informal Q&A. We hope you can join us!

Created with support from Arts Council England, Theatre Bristol, Attenborough Arts Centre, Arnolfini, Interval, Tetrad & Dance4.

Photo credit: Paul Samuel White


Katherine Hall is a dancer, creating performances often initiated by a feeling, a vision, a protest, a light joy, a balancing, noticing, being in movement. Her choreographic research draws on improvisation, performance, visual art, writing and community practices to form performances that invite people to playfully think about behaviours, sensations and perceptions that occur when being together. Katherine has worked as a dancer with various choreographers (Jo Fong, Priya Mistry, Rosemary Lee), is an associate artist at Attenborough Arts Centre and a member of INTERVAL, an artist-led support network in Bristol, UK.