Fiver Friday – Triple Bill



7:30pm, £5, available on the door (cash/debit)

Beauty-fool (Konstantina Skalionta)

The pieces that fit (Sarah Louise Kristiansen)
Living with Sin (Lucia Schweigert)

About the Triple Bill:

The Pieces That Fit is a contemporary dance piece based on the speech by Aristophanes as presented in Plato’s symposium, The Origin Of Love. It is a current investigation of how and why we love – a story of two who have been torn apart by violent forces and have been left in a desolate search for their other half.

Beauty-fool is a solo performance that reflects on woman’s vulnerability towards body image concerns, her struggle to keep up with unrealistic standards of beauty and perfection while questioning whether women are really free to feel comfortable in their own skin.
The work was initially funded by Lydia Fraser-Ward and the Arts Council to be developed for the ‘Women of Mass Destruction 2’ dance platform at RichMix in 2014.

Living with Sin asks how the Christian doctrine of original sin has affected women throughout history. The influence of the Christian Church on European and colonial history and its people still reverberates. Research suggests that experiences may be inherited across generations through genetics. The dance compresses these notions and wonders in how far our ancestors’ experiences of culture and religion may affect subsequent generations. One woman embodies womanhood throughout the ages. In her, all experiences are united.

FIVER FRIDAYS are a Producers’ Project of CDS that supports members, volunteers and friends of CDS through a unique performance package. We offer more dance for your dosh over Fridays in November and February and May.