FRIDAY 26/05 || 7:30PM|| Tickets £5

‘LOAD’ is a slithery, semi-autobiographical tale of sexual reinvention via New York cruising grounds, Manchester A&E wards and London bedrooms. Combining movement, spoken word and digital voice manipulation, masculinity gets a shove down the rabbit hole of its own behind, revelling in a Wonderland of possibilities at the bottom.

Artists: Gareth Cutter (writer and performer), Paul Hughes (dramaturgy)

So ‘Meaningless Dance 15 (Some Possibilities)’ is uh um so eh it’s the two of us on stage and um in a sort of unison we go through a series of easy gestures that don’t take much attention or effort so we’re left with spare space and we talk um

Artists: Rohanne Udall & Paul Hughes (performance and choreography)

Timber and Battery The collaborative practice of Rohanne Udall and Paul Hughes, Timber & Battery present work across choreographic, performance and visual art contexts.

Gareth Cutter– Low-voiced + camp artist with hands and feet in multiple art forms (music, writing, performance) like some Francis Bacon-esque double-jointed nude figure playing Twister with themselves.

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