Future Fridays: Colleen Bartley

A Musing: Performative Lab
By Colleen Bartley

Future Fridays at Chisenhale Dance Space

9th Nov 2018 | 7:30pm
£5 Early Bird, £7.50 Advance, £10 Standard | Book Online




An immersive evening of improvised performance involving dance, video, sound, text, objects and imagery exploring a body of work and our somatic imagination.


This evening invites curiosity and an atmosphere of wonder and sensation.  There will be three parts: sharing past work exploring body as landscape in film and live performance, work in progress and closing with a participation score.


“i didn’t grow up connected to this sabulous thing – disconnected from a pulverized body- is it me – or something else- does it move?
does it move with other people? is it a rambling mountain?
sex-clusive – unintelligible – clobbered smacked – inside and out – now it turns and strokes – its has a stratagem – a maneuver- still”.




Building on the success of Fiver Fridays, Future Fridays is our new regular programme of projects by Chisenhale Dance Space Members, in our iconic Performance Studio. Book early for the cheapest tickets, join us for a drink, and see something new – now.



Colleen Bartley is an independent dance artist with an eclectic background.  Her performance, film and installation work all include elements of improvisation. She’s interested in the unknown and setting up conditions to orient/disorient, discover new movement and explore in collaboration with other artists. Contact Improvisation is one of her dance practices and she teaches and organises CI events. She co-edits Contact Quarterly’s bi-annual newsletter which publishes news and views about CI worldwide. She curates events and creates immersive experiential experiences using dance, images, sound and text.

Richard Bleasdale is a software designer and innovator, creator of Catalyst software and a film maker and more. His softwre has been featured on stages and in venues across the world including the 2012 Olympics, the Super Bowl, many West End and Broadway theatres and concert venues . He supports dance artists and independent film makers. He has worked extensively with Michael Hulls and Andi Watson. Richard is the father of two children and in his spare time he now contemplates the mechanics of locomotion.