Future Fridays: Vanessa Macaulay

Made Not Born
Vanessa Macaulay

Future Fridays at Chisenhale Dance Space

24th April 2020 | 7:30pm
£5 Early Bird | £7.50 Advance | £10 Standard

Cancelled due to COVID-19


From Swan Lake to the Spice Girls via a bodybuilder mother, Made Not Born is a search for belonging.

Made Not Born is a solo performance that tells a personal story of growing up in Hertfordshire, of trying to fit in. Vanessa Macaulay attempts to figure out who she is and who she wants to be, but in a country saturated by US influence, can there be such a thing as a Black British female identity?

In the creation of this piece, Macaulay discovered a significant part of this search in her mum. Influenced by her mother’s body and their connection, but confused by what she sees on the internet, Macaulay seeks to find a way to understand her life, in her body in Britain.

Development supported by Talawa Firsts.



Future Fridays is our regular programme supporting new work led by Chisenhale Dance Members. Join us for a first look at seven projects which shun conventions and face the future of performance head-on.


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Vanessa Macaulay
My creative practice exists because I do. My identity is something that I have introspectively been thinking about for a while now. I know I have something to say but no other way to say it, other than through performance. I like to play with the idea of fact and fiction to allow me to discuss things that I don’t have the vocabulary for – yet. I now feel my practice helps to come closer to this discussion, as it speaks to contemporary struggles and anxieties about navigating the world in a specific body.