Future Fridays: Vanessa Macaulay

Enticement Machine
By Vanessa Macaulay

Future Fridays at Chisenhale Dance Space

2nd Nov 2018 | 7:30pm
£5 Early Bird, £7.50 Advance, £10 Standard | Book Online




Taking twerking, music videos & make-up tutorials to the point of the absurd. Enticement Machine pulls apart the image of the Black female body in pop culture.


Enticement Machine exposes the humour and horror of expectations placed on a racialized female body. A satirical rap video circus that distorts and negotiates the vision of the black female body to make The Enticement Machine.

From gawking over the internet to gazing in live performance, Enticement Machine draws on make-up tutorials, music videos and twerking to interrogate the hyper-sexualisation of the black female body in pop culture. This show takes stereotypes to the point of the absurd, whilst combining dance, discussion and parody to pollute the image of the Enticement Machine



Building on the success of Fiver Fridays, Future Fridays is our new regular programme of projects by Chisenhale Dance Space Members, in our iconic Performance Studio. Book early for the cheapest tickets, join us for a drink, and see something new – now.



My creative practice exists because I do. It speaks to contemporary struggles and anxieties about navigating the world in a specific body. My practice tends to be solo based and often orbits around movement, spoken word and film.