High Fidelity (Fiver Friday)

High Fidelity @Friver Friday
25th Nov 2016, 7.30pm


Calling Y “Z”.
The International Western

Accelerationism is a political heresy: the insistence that the only radical political response to capitalism is (…) to accelerate its uprooting, alienating, decoding, abstractive tendencies. (Mackay & Avanessian, 2014).

“Writhing Treasure”
Vanessa Skantze

Writhing treasure… explores the body as a threshold between childhood and adolescence; life and death; death and decay,

A body is living and dying in each instant of its existence. In a particular life passages are continuous though few are marked consciously: Birth. Becoming a woman. Losing the mother. Deflowering. Death. Butoh dance seeks to become these thresholds of a life reflected in the coiling and reaching forms.


About Artists: 

Vanessa Skantze is a Butoh artist based in Seattle. She has performed in the U.S. and Europe for over 20 years, collaborating with many renowned musicians. Skantze has trained with Jinen Butoh founder Atsushi Takenouchi since 2003. She works with Freehold Engaged Theater as a teaching artist in Washington’s correctional facilities.

The IW have been working together in London since 2012. Their work is about the technosocial mechanisms of contemporary living.

Produced in association with High Fidelity.

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