Hopes, Dust and Glitter

Hopes, Dust and Glitter

By Liquid Moon and Picture Poems

Saturday 21st September 2019 | 7:30pm
£6 Early Bird | £10 Standard | £11 Door | Book Online


Dive into the world of never ending glitter, rainbows and crystal castles. Meet our magical creatures who dance and stumble, hope and fail, help and hurt each other. Filled with movement, live music and spoken word this show mixes the absurd with the poetic and laughter with tears. A colorful cartoon or a bizarre caricature? The choice is yours.

Please note there is strong language and some nudity in this performance.


Liquid Moon: ​We are a​ ​dance theatre that​ creates visually enchanting, highly atmospheric and intimate shows that explore the complexity of human emotions. Our narratives delve into the poetic side of everyday encounters, weaving a sense of magic into a seemingly ordinary course of events. Our main goal is to immerse audiences into questioning, thinking and looking at the notion of art and life from different angles. Instead of searching for clear answers we strive to leave spectators with a certain realisation, one that doesn’t have to be fully understood but rather felt.

Picture Poems:​ ​Alicia Macanas, also known by her stage name Picturepoems, is a singer-songwriter and musician based in London. She started playing guitar in the early 2000’s punk scene of Murcia, Spain, but grew to write and perform in eclectic projects as she relocated to France, Quebec and finally the UK, where she has joined The Clientele for their US tour in 2017. Her sound is a particular mix of poetry with elements of blues, jazz and other genres.


Created by: Anna Soboleva
Performers: Ksenia Taranenko, Maria Kiriaki Fotiadou, Alicia Macanas, David Hanvidge
Music: Alicia Macanas

Special thank you to Petra Freimund for inspiring ideas.