Hula Hoop Skill Development

One Month Hula Hoop Skill Development Course (for All Levels)

Every Wednesday in March, 7pm to 9pm
4 Week Course: £75 Early Bird / £100 Presales / £120 Standard Ticket
Drop In Price: £35
Teacher: Symoné


Want to learn a unique skill in 2019? We’ve got you! Our yearly hula hoop intensive course is happening this Spring for all levels.

There are hundreds of different styles of hula hooping from juggling, contemporary dance – fused hula hooping, circus style hula hooping, tricks hula hooping and rollerskating hula hooping – the list goes on.
This course enables those who have either been interested in hooping and have never known how to start or are current hoopers needing some new inspiration.

Every Wednesday in March 2019 for two hours at Chisenhale Dance Studios (Research Studio)

For all ages, genders, sexualities, races and of course ALL LEVELS. This course is specifically designed for individuals to have their own unique goals for the month in a supporting environment with a lot of teacher guidance.

Here are some examples of your goals you might set for this course –
You want to become a stronger dancer and fuse a new skill
You want to become fit/toned/strong/flexible
You want to learn how to perform
Master 2 to 5 new hoop tricks of your choice
Understanding of a new type of hoop skill/language (hoop tech, circus style hooping, and/or dance choreography)
Strength, and with that stronger fitness technique
Comfort and more creative perspective on freestyling
OR…just have fun, experimenting and being silly with us!

Multiple hoops
1.2.1 guidance and one at home skype lesson (30 minute advice on your goals)
Weekly homework and post homework comments/advice
A beautiful studio space
An awesome playlist every lesson

Weekly sessions vary, and they are subject to change. However the goal of the month is for the students to support each other and/or work on indivdual and physical growth.

Each class is carefully tailored to the individual students’ needs, by analysing the levels at which they are working, grouping students appropriately in order and assigning them exercises relevant to their level.

Wk 1 – Hoop Fitness
Set monthly goals
Conditioning, Flexbility and Strength Building
Circus Style/Multiple Hooping
Training Time

Wk 2 – Dance Technique & Experimentation
AKA “Find your flow”
Dance techniques and skills
Experiment with hooping with new props/skills of students choice/skills (high heels, contemporary dance, musical instruments acrobatics, etc)
Training time

Wk 3- Dance Choreography & Performance Skills
Floor work & Dance improv
How to pick up and perform choreography quickly – CHAT & CHOREO
Training Time

Wk 4 – Students Choice
Based on what the class wants to spend for their final week and how their month progresses

We can guarantee a fun upbeat environment for you to experiment, play, learn and get fit. We always have an awesome playlist in the background and encourage silliness and support throughout our time together!

Symoné is a cabaret and circus performer, working primarily with hula hoops. She has 6 years experience and a Guinness World Record under her belt. In 2016, she got inspired to mix her love for club and street dances in her performances and got inspired to spread her passion to the classroom! With an non-traditional circus background, she believes in pushing her students and making them feel like they can achieve the “impossible”.

Symoné has worked in over 8 different countries, from Jamaica with the pop star Omi (you know that catchy pop song, Cheerleader?!) to London’s West End. She secretly loves singing “Defying Gravity” from Wicked and publicly enjoys twerking on roller-skates.