[in the mouth] skltloctloctlo

[in the mouth] skltloctloctlo

Rebecca Glover & Fritha Jenkins

23 October 2016,  5-6pm

Performance Studio,Chisenhale Dance Space


In this new work Rebecca Glover and Fritha Jenkins will explore landscape through intimate interactions with rocks, breath and chewed paper vessels; using gesture, live sound and video.


Rebecca Glover is interested in the point of interaction between the human body and its environment and where narrative, myth, and reality merge to make sense of this relationship.

She works with multiple media (sound, installation, video, sculpture and painting) to explore these ideas, making use of the multi-sensory range of media to alter viewpoints or methods of encountering a particular subject. The site of these interactions shift between place, body, gesture and object.

Fritha Jenkins is a sometime wayfarer, carrying rocks and water between source and mouth. Her quiet rituals are part idiosyncratic, part atavistic; transporting waterfalls in her wet clothes across the Irish Sea and traipsing the Thames through the city wearing slippers made from the foreshore. Performance works flow in all directions; materials are displaced and transform through state changes, the anatomy of the landscape shifts through and with her body; drinking, soaking and carrying, and mutations occur across multiple sites( as live action,video, sculpture, installation).