In Your Honour (Live Shot) and In Your Honour II

In Your Honour (Live Shot) and In Your Honour II

Saturday 24 March | 7.30PM | £FREE, ticketed (book here)

About the Work:

In a double bill of In Your Honour (Live Shot) and its prequel In Your Honour II, DIY and post internet strategies of looping and collaging of images are used to make felt the multiple temporalities that exist in the ‘now’. Screens within the performance operate as wormholes into other time-places.

This emerges from a research of the way we view images non-sequentially post-internet. In this show, we explore looping algorithms, live copying, and create technological loops that archive the performance as it is happening. What might appear through these processes? And, how might looping operate as mining and queering images for their alternative meanings?

In Your Honour is an ongoing project lasting a number of years where it pops up at events and is re-translated. In its current incarnation, images are built up in order for them to be ruptured and reordered. Operatic sirens, a diva, and riot grrrls, loop gestures and interrupt and bleed into one another. A pool of technician-performers mill across the performance/film set, and perform precise technical actions to produce a complex score.

Claire Ridge
Claire is a choreographer; whose practice explores the disruptive potentials of the image. Her practice sits between dance, performance and film, and she negotiates this through a DIY, post-internet aesthetic. She is currently doing a practice-as-research PhD on looping in performance.

Catherine Elsen
Catherine is a multi-disciplinary performance maker, working across theatre, dance, live art and music. After graduating from an MA in “The body in performance” at the Laban Conservatoire of Dance, she is collaborating and creating solo-work, exploring voice and movement, pathos and humour, identity and the undoing of it. At the moment, she is working with choreographer Tania Soubry on the performance Soulscapes at “Centre de Création Choréographique” in Luxembourg. Song arrangement, lyrics and voice for ‘Who am I tonight’ featured in In Your Honour (Live Shot).

Rebecca O’Brien
Rebecca is a choreographer and dancer. Her work varies from body-based performance art to choreographed work. She explores gender and sexuality, with a queer/feminist approach. She uses her body politically to question the construction of her identity and where her female body lies in relation to art and to society.

Giselle Nirenberg
Giselle has been twice nominated best actress as well as best playwright with Companhia B de Teatro. With a MA from Trinity Laban Conservatoire, she now devices intimate and investigatory work in durational performances, dance theatre, community dance and films. Recent credits include performances at Tate Modern, Royal College of Arts, Trinity Laban, The Place, Propinquity Festival Sheffield and Netflix Brazil.

Weronika Cegielska
Weronika, Dancer, choreographer, performance artist and musician. She graduated from MA The Body in Performance at Trinity Laban Conservatoire. Her series of live performances, Song To My Intestines, shown in London and internationally, investigates human hair as a symbol of identity and a means to establish intimacy in an audience-artist encounter. She creates and performs around Europe, working individually and collectively i.e. at Venice International Performance Art Week.

Sonia Roshal Fedorova:
Sonia is a performance artist/choreographer from Moscow. Currently based in London in her works she explores the surface of the body as the meeting point of the world and the self, where skin becomes the milieu for mingling with the environment. The visual and physical aspects are the main counterparts in her expression.

Lorenza Peragine:
Lorenza Peragine is a performance artist and curator based in London. She is interested in spatial politics, architecture, art in museums and public spaces. Previous projects include Spontaneous Combustion festival and Flock collective.

Maya Lane:
After studying at Lewisham college and University of Sussex, Maya works as an educator in pastoral support. She is part of the adult contemporary company at The Place, and regularly dances contemporary and dancehall over London. She is interested in restorative justice, intersectional feminism and student leadership.