Instrument Sculptures Workshop

Instrument Sculptures Workshop

Performance Studio @ Chisenhale Dance Space
21 May 5pm-7pm
11 June 4pm-6pm
FREE – RSVP required

A sound and movement research workshop to explore how a new series of amplified ‘Instrument Sculptures’ might be performed using individual tasks and collective actions to produce sound and lightscapes.  Becoming architectural in proportions, movement and sound are intertwined in these sculptures that are also percussive hybrid instruments, flexible and temporary in their nature.

They are informed by utopian architecture, liquidity, ancient musical instruments, thermodynamics, ecological systems, aquatic and microscopic lifeforms, cybernetics and symbiosis.

We will together build up a set of systems and interactions that will trigger the interconnected tensions and dynamics within each sculpture. We will test individual gestures, collective polyrhythms and what happens when these Instrument Structures and their different associated movements cross paths.

This workshop would suit participants who are interested in the process of developing form through improvisation and exploring relationships between sound and movement. This is a free workshop and is the opportunity to be part of the early stages of a research project towards possible future commissions.

Workshop Structure:

In the first workshop (May) we will test and build up a series of manoeuvres, using loose working and sensitising exercises to develop the sound and associated sets of movements with each Instrument Structure, we will then see what rhythms and systems emerge.

In the second workshop (June), we will recall the movements (strong and weak) that came out of the first workshop. We will then explore polyrhythm by testing out what happens when these different systems meet, how they might transform one another in any given moment (e.g. through merging, lifting over, destroying) and the range of changes and outcomes in sound, movement and rhythm that this might produce.

Participants will need to be comfortable with improvising and testing and have experience or interest in working using an open exploratory approach. After the workshop, there will be the opportunity to continue with the project and be part of future commissions and performances.

Each workshop will be documented with video and audio recordings for the development of the project.

About the Artist:

Rita Evans is an artist based in London since 2004, completing her MA in Fine Art at Chelsea College in 2009. Since then, Rita has presented at residencies,performances and exhibitions internationally. In 2015 Rita was awarded the Stephen Cripps’ Studio Award, an Acme Residency & Awards Programme for artists working with sound, movement and light.