Investigating The Body Archive – A workshop led by Alice Tatge

Alice Tatge
Saturday 16th September, 3-7pm
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This movement lab is open to anyone who wishes to explore physicality as a vehicle for self-expression.

Collective, non-judgmental and anarchic improvisation will be used as a medium to explore the relationships between individual history, cultural heritage and collective legacy:

How much of our physical movement history can be traced within our own socio-cultural background and heritage?

How is physical history passed down through generations?

How much influence does mainstream politics, advertisement and social media have on either celebrating or annihilating this history in an effort to create a homogenized global culture?

Through collective processes this lab asks us to generate an active exchange on the subjects of queer identity and gender politics, belonging and inclusivity, historical legacy and archival memory, acting as a public invitation to celebrate our physical history and cultural heritage.

No previous experience in art, movement, performance or theatre is necessary.


Alice Tatge is an Italian-American-Czech director, live artist and choreographer working in the fields of mixed-media installation and performance since 2004, and London based since 2001.

Tatge has a chameleonic approach to performance. Her practice resists categorization by deliberately working within a variety of genres and permutations and is deeply rooted in her ongoing investigation of physicality and perception. Since 2012 her work has involved queering the body and the hetero-normative image, whilst raising questions about identity politics and belonging within the current socioeconomic paradigm.

Tatge’s work has been exhibited, amongst others, at the Hayward Gallery, Southbank Centre, Barbican, Wapping Project, Trinity Laban, Waterside Contemporary, Colchester Art Centre, ArtsAdmin, Freud Museum and ICA, London U.K as well as internationally across Europe and the US.  

This workshop is part of ‘The Body Archive’ a research and development project exploring notions of belonging and inclusivity, through personal and collective recollections of movement histories and identity, co-funded by Arts Council England and The Allotment Fund.

Image: Tom Medwell