Jessie Stinnett & Rosalie Whalfrid @ Fiver Fridays

A Chisenhale Dance Space
Fiver Friday Double Bill featuring:
Jessie Stinnett & Rosalie Whalfrid
5 Friday, 7pm
£5, Advance Tickets Here

Each Fiver Friday gives you an evening of work in our iconic Main Studio for only £5! Great dance. Great space. And the drinks are cheap too!


“duration” &  “hive” (Jessie Jeanne Stinnett)

“displacing contemplations & “skymning” (Rosalie Wahlfrid)


duration is the result of an experiment that combines dance, improvisation and energy with theoretical and hands-on research of the exhibition form. ‘duration’ is then a dance performance and simultaneously an exhibition: it is a performed exhibition.

Henri Bergson’s concept of duration inspires and titles the experiment. Bergson understands duration as memory, as the prolongation of the past into the present. Duration is continuity and heterogeneity; a process by which the past is conserved and not just re-cognised. Duration then holds a multiplicity without juxtaposing the elements of this multiplicity into one, but recalling a qualitative progress of multiple elements that transition.

hive is a live performance project in progress that engages with the subject of ‘misophonia’. Misophonia is defined as being literally “hatred for sound” and is a rarely diagnosed disorder, commonly thought to be of neurological origin, in which negative emotions (anger, flight, hatred, disgust) are triggered by specific sounds. The sounds can be loud or soft. Five dancers reveal a process of awakening and being awakened energetically, emotionally, and physically: triggering and being triggered, touching and being touched, moving and being moved by the sounds which possess and are simultaneously embodied by them.

displacing contemplations is a solo that is presented both as a live performance and a film. Exploring layers of storage spaces in the body. Storage becoming places of contemplation. Weaving the internal and external. Focusing on scales of attention and importance. Accessing and breaking apart. Displacing what once belonged. Where is the shift of exploration into experimentation? Through experimenting it can take form. A form that can keep investigating itself through its own concept. It transforms but it keeps returning to itself. Scales of places. A place within a place within a place. To begin and begin and begin and begin… A place in space. I am in relation to my self. Marking my territory by locating, tapping into and displacing. Scales of duration unfold. Durations within durations.

skymning: This film is a poetic journey that takes Rosalie Wahlfrid’s personal dance practice into film making. She takes takes embodied research on what it is to move and to be moved, to shift through states and different realities into this other medium. She presents a journey through moving image evoked by the invisible (sensorial and emotional) experience. Shifting through different realities from internal and external environments.



Artists’ Biographies:

Jessie Stinnett

Upon receiving her BFA from The Boston Conservatory, Jessie moved to Paris, France where she danced for the Artistic Director of the National Ballet of Chile, Gigi Caciuleanu. She acted as the International Liaison for Kazuko Hirabayashi’s Dance New York International, working with Wilfried Romoli, former star of The Paris Opera, and Koji Minato of The Cunningham Company.

She then joined Dansgroep Amsterdam as a stagier, home to choreographers Krisztina de Chatel and Itzik Galili before returning home to the US to work with Prometheus Dance. She has also performed for Anna Myer and Dancers, Rebecca Rice, Philip Hamilton & Friends, The Boston Baroque Opera, Bard College’s Summer Scape Festival, and in The Metropolitain Opera’s production of Prince Igor choreographed by Itzik Galili.

Her collective “Jessie Jeanne & Dancers” is a multi-disciplinary performance group which fosters artistic exchange between creators working within different mediums and performs regularly throughout the north eastern USA and abroad.

Jessie is currently teaching vinyasa yoga, making and performing her own work, and concluding her MFA candidacy at Trinity Laban Conservatory in London. She will join Pablo Bronstein’s latest commission from the Tate Britain as a performer in London for the spring of 2016.

Her current research pursuits involve process-based performance work which is developed through improvisation, exploring auditory-tactile synesthesia and misophonia (selective sound sensitivity syndrome).

Rosalie Wahlfrid

I am a Swedish born dance practitioner. Before I pursued my official degree in dance I trained in Sweden and in London. In 2010 I received my BA(Hons) in dance theatre from the Laban Centre. I was awarded the Simone Michelle Award for excellent achievement in choreography in 2010.

During the years I have developed a deep interest in energy, the body, mind and performance. I am currently doing an MA in Creative Practice at Trinity Laban and Independent Dance for which I was awarded the Gill Clarke bursary from the Leverhulme Arts Scholars Awards. My research is practice based and explores the body and its storage spaces, bringing in philosophical questions and concerns about what it is to move and be moved, relationships between temporalities and negotiations of internal and external environments.

My work and dancing is influenced and informed by working and learning with dance artists such as Meg Stuart, Rosalind Crisp, Rosemary Butcher, Kirsty Simson, and Gill Clarke. I have also worked with artists Pablo Bronstein, Yvonne Rainer, Matthias Sperling, Gaby Agis, Joe Moran, Florence Peake, and made work in collaboration with Finnish Dance artist Helka Kaski. I am part of “Sheeps” which is a group of five women, Helka Kaski, Susanna Recchia, Amaara Raheem, Katia Nvqvist and myself. We both perform as a group and meet regularly to practice movement, composition and performance using improvisation. I am also part of the collective “Who’s Johnny?”. The Collective is formed of six dance artists from Norway, Sweden, Finland, Iceland, and England. The collective consists of exchanging of experiences from working individually in the field.


Thanks to Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance for supporting the artists’ creation of these projects.