JUPITER RETURN: A Time of Growth and Expansion

JUPITER RETURN: A Time of Growth and Expansion

Sunday 23rd of April || 2PM-6PM

Led by Madeleine Botet de Lacaze

Cancelled due to illness. Refunds will be coordinated promptly.


Jupiter takes 12 years to complete one full orbit around the Sun.
This means that when we are aged 11/12, 23/24, 35/36, 47/48, etc – we begin a new 12 year life cycle.
Jupiter is about luck, generosity, wealth, abundance, confidence, optimism, joy, growth, an urge to explore, space, freedom, travel, higher education, belief, wisdom and searching for meaning.
The time when a new Jupiter cycle begins is an extremely meaningful period in life. We suddenly encounter new horizons and we feel adventurous as new life perspectives emerge. There is expansion and growth, we feel optimistic and brave, we want to jump and start something new. The abundance flows and we seem to be in the right place at the right time.
Growth implies moving forward, going beyond current limits and glimpsing its meaning and possibilities. Jupiter is the ruler of Sagittarius and it connects us strongly with our search for meaning in our lives, in what we do and how we are.
During this workshop you will learn about the Jupiter Return and how it might be affecting you. Knowing when your Jupiter Return is coming and preparing for it is also quite crucial because Jupiter goes big and it can be excessive and overwhelming.
The way we approach this energetic cycle can make an enormous difference to our experience of it. Are we seeing our lives half empty, half full – or overflowing?

This workshop is ideal for people who:
– will soon go through their Jupiter Return; ideally 2 years before the return and also 2 years after
– are in the middle of it at the moment: 23/24-35/36-47/48-59/60 years old
– or would like to reflect about that time in their lives
– or want to understand more about lifecycles in astrology

Madeleine’s practice focuses on the body’s relationship to identity, belonging and presence; creating intimate interdisciplinary performances that question our perception of corporality. Encounters with a diversity of cultures and spiritual practices throughout her life and practice – including astrologers and shamans – have been a strong influence on her ongoing artistic research.

Please email the following birth details to astrologyforartists@gmail.com after you have purchased your ticket: Day, Month, Year / City, Country / Exact time (from birth certificate)