Online interviews with Rachael Davies

‘Listening to Chisenhale Dance Space’ is an oral history project by Rachael Davies. The project invites those involved with Chisenhale Dance Space during the 1980s to share their experiences and describe what Chisenhale was to them.

This project is part of a wider PhD research project by Rachael which explores the formation and early history of Chisenhale Dance Space during the 1980s. Central to this research is the question of what Chisenhale Dance Space was. As well as working with Chisenhale’s collection of archival material this oral history project contributes to an understanding of what Chisenhale was from those who engaged with it during the 1980s.

‘Listening to Chisenhale Dance Space’ includes conversations with Chisenhale’s founders, members, staff, artists, audiences and Tower Hamlets council workers. The project is open and on-going. If you were involved with or visited Chisenhale Dance Space during the 1980s and would like to be part of this oral history project then please get in touch with Rachael: