Natura Viva

Natura Viva
18 November | 8pm | 5£

Artists: Sara Ciprietti & Dikla Rejevzky


An anthem to weaknesses and strengths, a universal and unavoidable ‘Reliance’, the statement of duality, subjectivity, paradox, which invites you to see things from a different point of view. It just looks like a Tree and its Leaf, it is a Man and his deepest beliefs.
The work is the exploration of the word ‘Dependence’, how clear seem the roles be in a relationship, but also how easily can be swapped. There’s no difference anymore between the strong and the weak, it is a mutual exchange of strengths and weaknesses, that keeps both parts alive. It is an unbreakable bond and a thin wire, which makes the world balance.
It all begins from the observation of a Tree and its Leaves in a cold November afternoon. Apparently, there was an indisputable strong figure and an extremely vulnerable one, but looking at a naked tree, gave a strong feel of loneliness. The tree was not so stable anymore and those leaves got the power of being its most beautiful dress. After years of research the work has shifted to the human vision of the same ‘dependence’, still using the uncommon movement quality of a tree and a leaf, but telling about the bond between a man and its spirituality and how mutual the relationship can be.

Sara Ciprietti
Graduated in Bologna, at ‘Leggere Strutture Art Factory’, worked for ‘V-Kap Company’ and ‘CB Contemporary Ballet’ and performed as dancer and choreographer in various festivals around the UK. She has also self-produced, with Paolo Manno, their own first show ‘Umanità Ridotta’, in Teramo. At the moment she’s training as Producer with East London Dance, in their program ‘The Fi.ELD’.