Dance with the Winds [London Consort of Winds]

New Music – New Dance
London Consorts of Winds
March 19th | 6-8pm

The London Consorts of Winds commissioned 7 teams each of a composer and a choreographer to create new pieces. The teams each worked with an ensemble in the London Consorts of Winds. Today we present the pieces that have created. They are:

Janet Oates and Irene Fiordilino – Dryads
Zillah Myers and Alistair Wroe – The Sea Witch
Angela Slater and Sara Røisland Torsvik – The Glaciate Falls
David Bentley and Justyna Sochaj – Invisible Cities
John Holland and Alice Weber – Grasp
Martin Humphries and Yeonsoo Do – Kukolnost
Alan Taylor and Mari Frogner – Adrift

The London Consorts of Winds is a performing group consisting of three ensembles of wind instruments, a clarinet choir, a double wind quintet, and a wind nonet. We work with composers to premiere new music.