Objects, Bodies, and Choreographies

Objects, Bodies, and Choreographies

Facilitator: whatsthebigmistry
1:30pm – 4pm | FREE

Eventbrite - Objects, Bodies, and Choreographies

Appropriate for:  Any individuals interested in working with objects. Movement, Visual Artist & Performance | all levels

Part of Chisenhale Arts Place’s Open Weekend

This workshop will explore the relationship between the body, objects and their possibilities in space.

In this practical session we will consider the interchangeable value of the body being an object or an object being a body, whilst investigating them as sculptural propositions, as static and moving arrangements.

What does that mean? Let’s find out…

You are invited to bring any object with you that you might think of as a body.

 You might find an object in the street outside, it might be a perishable purchase or something you are just really drawn to, there is no wrong answer. If you can’t find one: that’s ok too.


  1. Loose clothes to move in and socks (no street shoes allowed on dance floor). We recommended layers, to adjust with studio temperatures as you move.
  2. Object- optional (see above)

About whatsthebigmistry:

whatsthebigmistry is the work of Leicester based artist Priya Mistry, working cross-discipline

straddling performance, live art, visual arts and dance. Priya is also a creative practitioner, working with arts institutions to facilitate workshops with focused groups, most notably in the field of mental health, inclusion and invisible dis/ability.

Priya is an Associate Artist with Derby Theatre and Attenborough Arts Centre in Leicester through the In Good Company Artist Development Scheme. She is also an Associate Artist at MK Gallery in Milton Keynes, an Artist Member at Chisenhale Dance Space, and Engagement Artist with New Art Exchange in Nottingham, Creative Health, in  olvehampton and a regular collaborator with Daily Life Limited.

Recently Priya teamed with Mentor Bryony Kimmings, Associate Director Joseph Mercier of Panic Lab to create the Musical Mental Health Cabaret. Mistry featured at ClubFierce (Festival)/ Grand Union Artist Behind Bars, Awkward Bastards provocateur for DASH Arts, MAC and devised and appeared in Carnesky Production’s ‘The Incredible Bleeding Woman’ at Soho Theatre in December 2016. Other collaborators include: New Art Club, Emma Kirkland and Keir Cooper’s Don Quiojte, Micheal Pinchbeck, Puppets with Guts,Florence Peak Make Remake project, and 2Magpies Theatre.

PHOTOS: whatsthebigmistr / DWC Imagery