On Dancers Becoming the Music with Jan Lee


Research Labs: On Dancers Becoming the Music with Jan Lee
December 2015, 9th-10th & 16th-17th 
To join: Email jan.lee.uk@gmail.com with a CV and expression of interest.


CDS Artist Member Jan Lee is looking for experienced dancers who have been performing with improvisation / presence as a focus, and who are interested in the musicality of their work.

“I want to share ways that I’ve developed of how music and dance can interlink with more possibilities for new expression. I am really intrigued to see how the skill and receptivity that dancers have to sound can take centre-stage. I want to place the autonomy of the sound back into the dancer’s hands (and bodies!). What kind of new musical ensemble monster could emerge?

 As a musician who dances, I have been researching and unravelling ways that music and dance are interwoven, a fluid and dynamic relationship grounded in listening and playfulness. The seeds of this project are inspired by the physicality of foley artists, the musicality of props used in physical theatre Odin Teatret, scores for dancers from musician Matteo Fargion, autonomous art by the Fluxus musicians, the instant composition work from Julyen Hamilton and Billie Hanne.”

About Jan Lee:

She is a dancer, musician and interdisciplinary artist working at the intersection where music and dance converge. This includes elements of dance, performance art, physical theatre, soundscapes and electronic/acoustic music. She works from unfolding streams of sensation, perception, and relationship to the immediate environments. Jan has devised performances for theatre spaces as well as site­specific and promenade settings in unconventional spaces, collaborating with artists across music, dance and visual arts. She has performed work at venues including Barbican Pit Theatre, The Place, The Curve, and Norwich Playhouse.  @janleeuk

Image: Slinky blueprint, toy invented by Richard T James

Coordinated with CDS by artist member Jan Lee.