Ongoing SRT Workshop

Ongoing SRT Workshop
Facilitated by Gaby Agis 

Saturday 7 October 15:00- 21:00
Sunday 8 October 14:00-17:00

Price: £65
Please mail to book your place.


In SRT classes, spontaneous movement evoked by guided poetic imagery, supported by music and sound, enables a creative and easily accessible exploration of technical movement principles such as multi-directional alignment, suppleness, suspension, economy and autonomy. As participants let go of habitual holding patterns, they are supported to cultivate an increasing sensitivity to their own physical and imaginative experience. The result can be a deeply embodied awareness of new possibilities in how they move – both inside the studio as dancers and creators, and in daily life.


The technique has been carefully arranged into a comprehensive, progressive pedagogy that is taught at three levels: Introductory (for all those coming to the technique for the first time), intermediate (termed ‘Ongoing’) and advanced. Uniquely, in Releasing classes, experienced dancers study alongside beginners, each engaged in their own individual learning process. SRT is a dance class for professionals, newcomers and beginners alike: all those interested in exploring embodiment, expression, creativity and awareness through moving.

Gaby Agis– Now living in both London UK and Montreal Canada I have been teaching SRT over twenty years. I have taught both Introductory and Ongoing SRT classes worldwide. Since 2010 I have been involved in teaching on SRT Teacher’s Training Programmes both at Introductory & Ongoing Level. I enjoy teaching a wide range of students from long-term professional dancers to those new to dance. As well as teaching widely in dance institutions, I have collaborated with students of architecture, theatre and the visual arts, and continue to be inspired by the possibilities that SRT brings to different communities.

Image: Hugo Glendinning