Open Class with anthologyofamess: Klein Technique™ into Improvisation

22 – 26 JULY 2019
Monday-Friday, 10:00 am-12:00 pm
£40 for all 5 classes, £10 drop-in
Concession: £32 for all 5 classes, £8 drop-in
Facilitated by anthologyofamess collective

Open to all
Performance Studio


During the week of 22-26 July, the anthologyofamess collective will be working on a new piece in the studios at Chisenhale Dance Space. As part of their process, they will be conducting a collective morning practice within a morning class format that will be open to anyone with an interest in physical exploration and improvisation.

The class will start with Klein Technique™ Stretch and Placement exercises. During these exercises, we will focus on arriving into ourselves and to the studio, and to find the connections that allow us to be grounded and move more freely and efficiently. From there, the class will gradually evolve into moving through space, using the connections found at the beginning of class. Finally, we will head into free movement explorations with the whole group having a chance to step out to watch others or step in and dance.

For questions about these classes, please email

About anthologyofamess:

Anthologyofamess is the home for performance activities and events in various and fluid forms brought to you by Mariana Camiloti, Antonio de la Fe, Petra Söör, Manou Koreman and Robert Vesty. Anthologyofamess is a project that could be seen both as a framework and as a looking glass zooming in on experience, transformation, patterns, performance-making and the present. An anthology, a collection of events that are continuously evolving with the word mess referring to the untamable nature of dance and performance.

Anthologyofamess is a stable for living forms, people, performers, dancers, librarians…