OPENLAB: Facilitated by Marina White Raven

The Cosmic Body: Moving Towards Stillness
Facilitated by Marina White Raven

16th November | 10am – 1pm | £7 suggested donation

We move alone, at our own pace, in our own style and according to our current physical, mental and emotional state. We take time to arrive, watching and witnessing the breath, the body, other bodies. We notice where there is ease and where there is resistance; connecting and disconnecting, reaching out and reaching in, coming together and falling apart.

The focus of the session is to release tension, identify and move through resistance and explore and tune into finer frequencies and each other. There is an invitation to drop old patterns of thought and action and become open to new pathways for the body and mind.

Arrive at this OPENLAB ready to move, write, make marks, touch, feel, play, share, witness and be witnessed. Be prepared to expand, become and go beyond.

Bring: Notebook and pen & an object, poem or personal talisman.



OPENLAB sessions are open to any performers: dancers, musicians, actors and anyone interested in presence and awareness in performance.

The facilitators of OPENLAB are also participants “in” the session and participants can propose their ideas for a future session. If you’d like to know more about this, come to one of our sessions or email Antonio de la Fe (

The sessions function on a pay-what-you-can contribution basis to cover expenses and as an incentive for the facilitator of the session. We suggest a contribution of £7 for the 3-hour long sessions (‘Facilitated OL sessions) and of £5 for the 2-hour long ones (‘White Canvas’).

Chisenhale Dance Space
64-84 Chisenhale Road
E3 5QZ


About the Artist:

Marina White Raven is a multi-dimensional artist and yogi, integrating art and mysticism in performance, installation, ritual and song. Her auto-ethnographic process is explored through the body; addressing polarity, sexuality and death, examining how these coalesce with individual and universal identity and reflect the light and shadow of human experience.

Marina White Raven inhabits a cosmic menagerie of personas and animal spirits challenging the artist ego identity and inviting the public to engage in direct personal contact. The desire to elevate and merge with the spectator is a political act, exposing traditional theatrical pretensions of audience passivity and social separation.