Performance Practise

Performance Practise
Facilitated by Margaret Dewes

09 September <- First session free
07 October
11 November
09 December


Prices: £14/ £11 (concessions and CDS Members) for one sessions
£36/£27 (concessions and CDS Members) for 3 sessions

Payments can be made on the day by cash. Please note that Studio will be open 15 minutes before and after the workshop or you to warm up or cool down. 

Performance Practise is a series of workshops where participants seek to dance with their own inner natural wilderness. When the mind is tuned to the current dynamic state and the body is available, poetic movement is led by impulses experienced within the living organism. Each movement arises from contact with the active imagination and is fully embraced by the body, resonating through the room. A mixture of music and silence will be used to encourage a way into this creative source and also to enhance what emerges out into space. There will be particular attention paid to facial muscles and the eyes during the practise and how these may be activated and tuned to the dancer’s intentions. Both instant composition and existing choreography will be pared down, played with and explored from the inside out. Dancers may either bring choreography that they are currently working on or create their own. There will be opportunity for performance practise, individual feedback and the chance to bring one’s own curiosity of work to the floor.

This workshop is suited to professional dancers wishing to deepen their relationship with structured choreography and practise expressing their inner motion through their eyes and facial muscles. It is also for 5 rhythm dancers, improvisors and performance artists who want to broaden their vocabulary of movement, mind and patterns of healthy habits. It is for those who wish to live fully on the stage and those also who take the stage with them into their daily lives.

Margaret Dewes – originally destined to become an outdoor adventure guide in the wilderness of New Zealand, by chance took a one-way ticket to the UK and began pursuing her love for physical theatre, storytelling and dance. She has since studied extensively with the London International School of Performance Art and collaborated and performed in companies in Italy, Denmark, Switzerland, the UK. Her work is influenced by the Alexander Technique, her passion for embodiment and the wild nature of New Zealand.


Image: Mateusz Lagiewa