Physical Lab

Wednesday 17th, Thursday 18th & Friday 19th of May 2017

£220 – full price, £200 concessions, £180 – Lab regulars


Physical Lab is an international laboratory for performance that trains and develops emerging and established artists.

The Lab is based in the UK, and it runs regularly with workshops and residencies in several cities such as: London, Paris, New York, Crete, Marseille, Munich, Athens, Nicosia, Istanbul, The Hague; inviting performing artists from any background and level (beginner to professional), who want to keep improving, expanding and developing their craft.

The point of entry is the body. The methodology offers tools and exercises that support the activation of all the senses and the energy within the body as well as the connection with emotions, one’s physicality, voice and imagination.

The aim is to engage with a state awareness and high sensitivity in order to connect genuinely with the impulses within and outside the system.

When performers ground themselves in that state they connect with the clarity and the power that is rooted within their essence, and can then deliver an effective performance that has a significant impact on the spectators.

The performing artist needs to be willing to change in every single moment of the performance, rehearsal or exercise during the workshop. Through this commitment to change, they discover the comfort – within the discomfort – of being in the unknown. And with time and experience they learn how to own this state, to be playful with it and use it as a tool for truthful performances.

The training is physical and vocal, grounding, exploration of impulses, ensemble work, improvisation, exploring words and ownership of text, building a character and performance.

The outcome is impulsive, pleasurable and effortless performances that are rooted within one’s essence.



“After studying and working as an actor for several years in New York, he was able to strip away old acting habits I had accumulated over the years” Hamish

“The workshops are a fantastic demonstration of how the best acting unites the mind and body” Chris

“This lab was a breakthrough! An incredible and enlightening week.” Lucy


To apply please email Katie at
with a short letter of interest and your CV

Submissions are now open. Places are limited.

Lead by Yorgos Karamalegos

Yorgos is an actor, performer, director, choreographer, and a physical acting teacher.

He is the founder of the laboratory (Physical Lab), co-founder of Tmesis Theatre Company as well as Physical Fest (International Physical Theatre Festival).

He recently developed ‘Home’, an original devised piece based on Euripides’ Medea.

He has devised, directed and performed a repertoire of productions that have toured nationally and internationally to critical and popular acclaim. Yorgos has collaborated with members of Derevo, Pina Bausch Tanztheater, Complicite, Peeplykus as well as with Fin Walker, Nigel Charnock (DV8), Yoshi Oida, Lorna Marshall and many more. Yorgos’s teaching resume includes LAMDA, RADA, Drama Centre, and The Actors Centre in London, William’s College in the US as well as workshops and residencies in Europe and Africa.