Playing with the Wrong Toys (Fiver Friday)

An evening of performance and discussion curated by Hester Chillingworth

3 February 2017, 7pm-9pm
£5 General Admission

Small Spaces Commission awardee Hester Chillingworth completes her residency with Chisenhale Dance Space with an afternoon and evening of events exploring childishness, gender and performance – all aspects of the research she undertook to create her new performance SHORTY.

SHORTY is a solo performance that looks at the position of the non-binary child, the relationship with the mind when the body is compromised and possible relationships between gender and dance. For Shorty, Hester created a deconstructed drag-child which frays at the edges and falls apart the more free it becomes – bringing the idea of the temporariness of childhood and its fluidity to the fore of the work.

I Love Both The Most by Reggie Roberts
9-year old Reggie Roberts’ short performance brings dance, glamour and language together to speak directly to the question of what use the categories of ‘boys’ and ‘girls’ are.

Making Grown Up
Matthew Evans (Gameshow) will discuss the year-long process of creating Grown Up, the company’s show made with five primary school aged performers, thinking particularly about questions of social impact, responsibility and exploitation around children in performance.

A Little Respect
A little dance, by Shorty and Reggie Roberts.

Gendersaurus Rex: some words from Eilidh Macaskill, read by a child

Gendersaurus Rex is a research project led by Eilidh MacAskill exploring gender, sexuality, queerness and feminism and how these are dealt with (or not) in performance for children. The project has been supported by Imaginate, Scotland’s organisation for Theatre for Young Audiences (TYA) and is both a response to a pervasive and pernicious heteronormativity witnessed within children’s performance, and a personal enquiry into how MacAskill might be shielding children from her good queer self in her own work. Eilidh’s text will focus on some of the ideas within and responses to the project so far, and will be read by child.

Childishness in Performance: Cathy Naden and Hester Chillingworth in conversation.
Cathy and Hester will discuss how childishness and ‘wrongness’ can function in performance across generations, mainly within the context of Forced Entertainment’s work.

About the artists:

Hester Chillingworth is the Artistic Director of GETINTHEBACKOFTHEVAN performance company, whose work tours nationally and internationally. Hester is also assistant to Tim Etchells and Forced Entertainment, and is a freelance director. Recent project collaborators include Marc Almond, Mark Ravenhill, Elmgreen & Dragset, Eva Weinmayr and drag performance legend Bette Bourne. Hester is an Associate Artist at Firstsite contemporary art gallery in Colchester, working primarily with 15-­25 year olds on bringing performance into galleries. Hester is an Acting Teacher at Guildhall School of Music and Drama Junior Department, working with students aged 13-18, and has taught at East 15 Acting School, LAMDA, Oxford School of Drama, Birmingham School of Acting and several UK universities.

Cathy Naden is a founding member of internationally renowned performance company Forced Entertainment.

Eilidh Macaskill is a Glasgow-based live artist and creating original performances for children and adults. She is artistic director of Fish And Game. Current projects include STUD, a solo show touching on masculinity, Freud, DIY and horses, and The Polar Bears Go Up!, a fun adventure for under 5s.

Reggie Roberts is a 9 year old performance maker and dancer from Colchester. Reggie has worked with Rosana Cade (Walking: Holding), Buzzcut (Let England Shake), Scottee (Fraff) and Miss High Leg Kick (Audition Project). He recently won the silver plate for novices at the Colchester Roundtable Festival.

Matthew Evans runs Gameshow with Matt Ryan. Gameshow creates theatre and performance projects across the UK, most recently Grown Up at Camden People’s Theatre (CPT), a participatory dialogue between adults and children which won the People’s Theatre Award. Gameshow is currently touring Dancing Bear, Dancing Bear, a show exploring how ‘men’ and ‘women’ relate to each other @GameshowTheatre

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Image: Christa Holka 2016