whatsthebigmistry: Tropical Awkward Bastard

Tropical Awkward Bastard
By whatsthebigmistry

Presented by Chisenhale Dance

Sat 29th June 2019 | 7:30pm
£5 Youth (age 14-18) | £8 General Admission 




A Pineapple, a Bunch of Bananas, a Tropical Juice Carton, One Sharp Cleaver and a Tutu. A Question hangs in the air: When did Hospitality turn into Hostility?

Tropical Awkward Bastard is a provocative and playful performance rant about ticking all the right boxes whilst being utterly misrepresented in the world. Join whatsthebigmistry as she deconstructs Colonialism’s legacy through autobiography, fruit, song, dance, maps and inappropriate outfits.

This is about language and etymology, how meaning has evolved and what value systems are promoted.  TAB asks how the histories we are taught feed the construction of our national identities, as well as our idea of ourselves. What happens when we create new language, new classifications?

Age Guidance:
Contains alcohol, some explicit language. 14+ or with parental permission.


Image by DWC Imagery.

Supported by Attenborough Arts #DestressFest, WoW Southbank, METAL Culture, IGC, Duckie, Live Art Bistro, Chisenhale Dance and Arts Council England.



whatsthebigmistry is the work of Midlands based artist Priya Mistry, working cross-discipline straddling performance, live art, visual art and dance. Priya is also a creative practitioner, working with arts institutions to facilitate workshops with focused groups, most notably in the field of mental health, inclusion and invisible dis/ability.

Priya is an Associate Artist with Derby Theatre and Attenborough Arts Centre in Leicester through the In Good Company Artist Development Scheme. She is also an Associate Artist at MK Gallery in Milton Keynes, an Artist Member at Chisenhale Dance Space and the Social Engagement Practice group based at Primary Studios in Nottingham and also a regular collaborator with Daily Life Limited- Bobby Baker.

Mistry also works as collaborator, deviser and performer, this portfolio includes Carnesky Production’s ‘The Incredible Bleeding Woman’, New Art Club Cupid and Pysche, Emma Kirkland and Keir Cooper’s Don Quiojte, Micheal Pinchbeck, Puppets with Guts, Florence Peak Make/ Remake and 2Magpies Theatre amongst others.