Shape shifting – a workshop on expressing depression


Shape shifting – a workshop on expressing depression
4th March 2016   10am- 6pm
5th March 2016   11am- 4.30pm
FREE (limited spaces)

A safe and supportive space for artists with lived experience of depression to meet together and experiment with creative ways to express and think about what it’s like to have depression. Performance and visual artist and Chisenhale Dance Space Artistic Member Priya Mistry will lead this two day workshop for up to 12 artists.

In November 2014 Priya came out of the closet – in front of a group of artists she admitted she has been living with depression and anxiety for the last 6 years. Up until this point she had carefully hidden her depression from her peers and the wider artistic community.

That admittance has sparked the unexpected – she is now embarking on a project that explores mental health, depression, artistic practice and creative expression.

To express your interest in taking part, please download the Expression of Interest questions and send your answers by email to: by 15th February 2016 latest.


The content of the workshop will not be for public view. There will be some documentation to help capture the research. No person’s image/ ideas will be used publicly without permissions.

**Please note that the artists running this workshop are not health professionals.
*Please note that this workshop is open to all levels of professional practice, you may have been practicing for 1yr or 50yrs, that’s O.K.
*Selection will be based on creating a balance of participants and ensuring that we can meet the needs of those participating.

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CDS Artist Member Priya is currently working on a research and development project for:

The Musical Mental Health Cabaret

A very personal piece of research and work. The final show will deal with themes of depression, anxiety and secrecy whilst using humour. My question is how do I make such an invisible, immeasurable and shape-shifting illness into a visible and quantifiable one?

Priya will be presenting a short excerpt of this piece at Southbank in the sold out Changing Minds festival on 6th February 2016, part of the BITES programme.

Photo credit: whatsthebigmistry Photographer: DWC imagery