Shorty – A new performance by Hester Chillingworth

A new performance by Hester Chillingworth

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World Premiere   Thursday 8 September, 2016 @ Marlborough Theatre, | 7:30pm


Your child could do better.

A little less chatter and experimentation would improve things enormously.

As would standing in the right line and using the right loos.

Your child has the potential to be an asset to the group, but needs to learn to put things away and seems not to understand the consequences of failure.

Your child is like a cheap rubber ball – neither here nor there, neither this nor that, hard to control and causing problems, blurring lines and asking difficult bloody questions.

Please see me.

SHORTY is the Chisenhale Dance Space and Marlborough Theatre Small Spaces Commission, and is created and performed by Hester Chillingworth (Artistic Director of GETINTHEBACKOFTHEVAN).

The Small Spaces Commission is supported by lottery funding from the Art Council England.

Photos by Christa Holka

Shorty - in rehearsal by Christa Holka 2016

Shorty – in rehearsal by Christa Holka 2016