Systemic Constellation Workshop with Stefan Jovanović & Sabio Janiak

Systemic Constellation Workshop with Live Music
Led by Stefan Jovanović & Sabio Janiak

Sunday 1st March
13.00 – 19.45PM (Doors from 12:30PM)
Performance Studio
£65 Full Price / £45 Concession (use code: Concession)
Concession for Students/unwaged, please bring proof
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Systemic Constellations help us understand the systems that we belong to in our lives, helping us better discern the loyalties we bear towards our families, ancestries, and lands. We will be looking at how our family stories and entanglements have survived across the generations and continue to affect our present-day lives.

For this experiential and experimental workshop, Stefan Jovanović invites composer-musician Sabio Janiak to hold the field with him, contributing live musical compositions to the day. Often when music is played live during constellations, we are brought closer to the archetypal realm. Something in the soul gets deeply touched, a connection with our pre-verbal selves, a connection with stories and voices older than our lived experiences.

Whilst the traditional set-up of a family systemic constellation session will be respected,  representatives will be encouraged to explore the use of sound and movement as non-verbal modalities of expression, additional tools of exploring your somatic sensing and phenomenological orientation in the field. 

We will be working with the concept of living maps, where you will be asked to represent in someone’s story and report on what arises from within. We will bear witness to the facts with respect, humility, and honour. As a group, we will look towards movement and energy in the field, so that we may identify each individual’s rightful sense of belonging. 

If you feel ready to bring an issue to the circle, then take some time to meditate and reflect on what it is that you currently long for? What is your deepest heart’s desire? What is the movement within that you seek? Your story will be treated with the utmost respect and confidentiality in a safely held environment. 

If you would like to work with an issue, please send an email to with a few lines, describing what you would like to receive from the work and and the essential facts about your family and ancestry, so that we may meditate on your story in the time leading up to the workshop. 

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A full refund will be given to any cancellations made with more than 21 days’ notice.
Half the fee will be refunded to any cancellations made with more than 14 days’ notice.
No refund will be given to cancellations made within less than 10 days’ notice.


About The Artists

Stefan Jovanović is an architect, choreographer, therapist and the artistic director of dance-architecture company Studio Stefan Jovanović and therapy practice Kinship Constellations ( Whilst qualifying as an architect and establishing a career in the performing arts, he trained as a systemic family constellator and somatic therapist; integrating these therapeutic modalities into his choreographic practice. He creates spaces and performances about the kinships of tomorrow, ideas of radical togetherness, and the healing of social and archetypal trauma.

Sabio Janiak is a composer, producer, multi-instrumentalist, one man band, educator, cellular resonance therapist and sound alchemist based in London. Sabio associated himself with music and art since early childhood. In 2005 he obtained his Master’s Degree in Classical Percussion and in 2008 he studied music production at London Centre of Contemporary Music (UK) He has over  20 years of experience as a composer and session multi-instrumentalist. His experience of working together with world-famous artists has developed his unique ability to be able to play more than 100 instruments. This particular skill allows him to be a very flexible musician, producer and composer.