The Listening Ground

THE LISTENING GROUND is for freelance professional artists from all disciplines who are open to working with a range of practices.
Main Studio
23 July 10am – 6pm
24 July 11am – 6pm
£50 (£30 for 1 day) including materials

Are you running on empty? Stuck, bored or overloaded? Do you long for the space to lie back, drift and dream?

Led by CDS Artist Member, Rachel Gomme, this workshop offers a space to rest and take time, exploring strategies for replenishing our creative resources. Working indoors and outdoors, sharing practices of listening, self-witnessing and creative play, we will work to reawaken sensory perceptions, explore an attitude of receptive ‘listening’ to ourselves and our surroundings, and take time to ‘do nothing’, re-engaging with our creative core and developing a personal ground for the generation and welcoming of insights and new ideas.

Rachel Gomme works in performance and installation, with a focus on durational, site-specific and one-to-one performance. She has a special interest in spaces of absence or lack, and her work seeks to highlight the rich resonances and resources in such spaces, and to create opportunities for sharing a sense of embodied presence. She has presented work, performed and taught throughout the UK and internationally.

All welcome. To apply, please send a short (max. 150 words) statement about your practice and why you are interested in the workshop to

The Listening Ground is supported by Chisenhale Dance Space Allotment.