The Polar Spectrum

The Polar Spectrum

Facilitated by Margaret Dewes
Monthly, 2pm-4pm
Suggested entry £10

There is no light without darkness.
Death can only exist because there is life.
Health and illness, peace and war, right and wrong, everything comes to be because of its direct opposite.

As artists and performers, the more we have access to the depths of our duality, the more available we are to respond to creative impulses, recognise patterns behind motion and emotion and regain the entire polar spectrum within us.

The three dualities that shall be worked with are:
Lost and Found
With and Against
In and Out

This workshop is designed for those of us who are curious to explore our individual relationship with these polarities, finding out what we have that can be enhanced and what we can become. Using breath, dance and embodied practises to uncover preferences and unwrap discomforts, we will bring our individual range of movement clearer into sight.

Each session will invite a particular polarity to engage with and explore in a playful manner. Throughout the series of workshops, there will be a colourful array of improvised dance guided with anatomical awareness and imagery, solo, partner and ensemble work, the use of speech and sound as well as movement sequences to give insights into particular fundamental concepts.

These workshops are limited in number so please book your place with Margaret at

Please bring comfortable and warm clothing. Injured movers are welcome.
Please note Chisenhale Dance Space is located second  floor with no lift.

SCHEDULE: Each session is 2pm-4pm

27 January | 17 February | 3 March

About the facilitator

Margaret Dewes originally set out to become an outdoor adventure guide in the wilderness of New Zealand but by chance took a one-way ticket to the UK and began pursuing her love for physical theatre, storytelling and dance. She has since studied extensively with the London International School of Performance Art and collaborated and performed in companies in Italy, Denmark, Switzerland, the UK. Her work is influenced by the Alexander Technique, her passion for embodiment and the wild nature of New Zealand.