Two Day Astrology for Artists workshop led by Madeleine Botet de Lacaze

Two Day Astrology for Artists workshop led by Madeleine Botet de Lacaze

Friday 7th and Saturday 8th of July || 1-5PM

Tickets: £65/ £55 for both days
 * * purchase in advance essential * *

Led by Argentine born artist Madeleine Botet de Lacaze, Astrology for Artists invites artists, writers, poets, thinkers, performers, any creative person to explore the links between astrology and the ways in which we express, act, think, feel and – most importantly – the ways we search, get inspired and create work.
In advance of the workshop, Madeleine will read and draw up each participating artist’s astrological natal chart, showing what the sky looked like at the exact moment of their birth. This will be the starting point for discussion, reflection, physical exercises and visualizations, sharing each other’s art practices and exploring creative processes from an unusual, highly personal perspective.

Madeleine’s practice focuses on the body’s relationship to identity, belonging and presence; creating intimate interdisciplinary performances that question our perception of corporality. Encounters with a diversity of cultures and spiritual practices throughout her life and practice have been a strong influence on her ongoing artistic research. She studied Astrology at CASA 11 in Argentina and at the Faculty of Astrological Studies in London.

Please email the following birth details to after you have purchased your ticket: Day, Month, Year / City, Country / Exact time (from birth certificate)

Please note that you need to be able to come both days. The number of participants will be limited to 12.