Collaborative Performance Composition

Collaborative Performance Composition Workshop
Part of TwoFold: a festival of duet performance
Led by Karen Christopher
April 10 2017, 10am-5pm
£50 General / £35 Concessions or Members
Tickets available here

This workshop will be a swift journey through the first steps of idea and realisation. The workshop involves crisp actions toward making without initially engaging too much thought. This direct approach is followed by reflection, response, and development.

Group collaboration strategies are employed to inspire individual breakthrough. Trading, stealing, and imitating the work of fellow participants blurs boundaries of authorship while stimulating new individual directions. Finding ways to access both conscious and unconscious methods of creating work, participants exercise their own ability to turn off the inner critic and simply present what comes, as well as practicing creative methods to employ critical faculties once new material emerges.

The workshop is appropriate for any experience, ability, or age level and accommodates multiple disciplines.

Participants should be prepared to move but only to the level of their own comfort and ability.

Notebooks or other writing/recording devices essential.

Lunch will be provided.

Queries welcome: or 020 8981 6617

About the Workshop Leader:

Karen Christopher is a collaborative performance maker, performer, and teacher. Her company, Haranczak/Navarre Performance Projects, is engaged in the dynamics of collaboration. Her practice includes listening for the unnoticed, the almost invisible, and the very quiet. She was a member of the Chicago-based performance group Goat Island for 20 years until the group disbanded in 2009.

Image: “So Below” @ TwoFold Festival 2017, Manu Valcarce