Uncomfort Zone: Mehmet Sander

Uncomfort Zone
Workshop facilitated by Mehmet Sander

Saturday 12th May | 1:00-7:00pm | £30 (tickets bookable here)

Performance Studio

This workshop explores dance as a premise to refuse comfort, emotion and music in favour of collision, maximum velocity and gravity as enhancements of – rather than inhibitions to – performance. Sander leads participants through a series of exercises and choreographies that challenge us physically, mentally and intellectually. Beginning with simple tasks and working in trust circles, participants develop the confidence and skills to physically respond to Sander’s call to make the floor disappear, dance on the wall, and even fly. The resulting moves are choreographed by Sander into a final piece.

From 6:00pm there will be a short public showing (10 min max) and a lecture by Mehmet Sander (30 min).

Suitable for ages 18+, no previous dance experience necessary.

Mehmet Sander started dancing with Geyvan Mcmillen in Istanbul in 1984. He continued his dance education at the London Contemporary Dance School, California State University (Long Beach), Harvard University and American Dance Festival. He founded the Mehmet Sander Dance Company in 1990, performing throughout the United States and participating in numerous events and festivals such as the Holland Dance Festival, New Moves (Scotland), ICA’s National Look at Live Arts (UK), Klapstuk Festival (Belgium) and Munich Dance Festival (Germany). Sander′s recent UK work includes the commission and presentation of original works Uncomfort Zone at Queen Mary, University of London (2011) and Impact at Fierce Festival (2012). He premiered his new work Trust Fall at Bristol’s In Between Time Festival (2013) and performed his new solo BANG at the legendary Royal Vauxhall Tavern (2013).Tate Modern have also presented Mehmet Sander’s sold out workshop.