We Green Things

We Green Things
An evening of green, monstrous, post-human drag performance
Featuring: James Morgan & Ooozing Gloop

21 April, 2017, 7pm, Performance Studio
£12 general admission / £8 Concessions/CDS Members

DRAG ON by James Morgan is a performance lecture, drag act and contemporary dance mashup, delivered by a dragon/drag-queen hybrid. It celebrates drag’s power to transcend gender, and imagines the monstrous possibility of breaching species. By imagining a posthuman future, what can we reveal about being present and queer in the modern world? ‘DRAG ON’ premiered in February as part of NOW 17 at The Yard.

RAIN ON MY PARADE by Oozing Gloop is an exploration of communism as cabaret and an advocation of change via deluge. Rapidly cycling through every monsoon the human heart has ever experienced she believes in that moment the most vital of your organs burst forth from your chest – there is a new unexplored common from which we can build a whole new order. RAIN ON MY PARADE has evolved out of her last peice THE AWFUL JOURNEY, a 100 mile pilgramage in drag between Norwich and London.


About the artists:

James Morgan is a queer artist and part time dragon from East Yorkshire. James’ solo practice straddles the edges of theatrical forms, borrowing from dance, theatre, drag and live art. His current project, ‘DRAG ON’ has manifested as research events, workshops, cabaret acts and curated performance evenings. He also dances freelance for choreographers such as Lola Maury, Seke Chimutengwende, Eva Recacha and Janine Harrington. @halfmorgan 

As for Oozing Gloop, what can possibly be said about her that hasn’t already been scrawled across bathroom stalls throughout London, Berlin and Norwich? This East Anglian bog-witch also originally hails from Yorkshire but was raised amid the fens; where she seeks to instil the communist hypothesis with sublime elements via heartbreak and human torrents. @oozinggloop