9 & 16 May, from 12pm (45 min sessions)
£15 per session / £10 CDS members
Please call to book –  020 8981 6617

As part of CDS’ Arts Counselling Programme and in support of CDS’ Annual Match Funding Campaign,  Artist Member Antigone Avdi will discuss and/or offer advice on niggling “website troubles.”

Antigone is self-taught – she has spent a lot (a lot!) of hours in front of the computer, looking at source code and learning the fundamentals by trial and error.

In advance of your meeting we ask that you provide us with a brief description of the issue(s) you’d like to discuss or resolve, so as to make sure Antigone is able to help and that you get the most out of your session. Further sessions may be negotiated at industry rates.

All funds go towards the CDS Allotment Fund for Artists